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Moss 2009

St. Louis, MO  October 22nd—25th, 2009

Abstract Submission:



Talks will be either 15 minutes or 20 minutes (depending on the number submitted) plus a further 5 minutes for discussion. The final format of the talks sessions will be fixed after we know demand. We will get back to all those who submit abstracts in good time if details change. There are full audio visual facilities available, but if you are using PowerPoint and plan to use your own laptop, bring a copy of your talk on a CD or memory stick as a back up.  Some talks will be chosen for the Sunday afternoon symposium and may then be allotted more time (this symposium will be available for both Moss 2009 and IPMB registrants).  Please indicate when you submit your abstract if you would like your contribution to be considered for the symposium.




Poster boards are 1.5m by 1m and can be put on the display easels either in landscape or portrait orientation. Attachment will have to be by thumbtacks

(= drawing pins). There will be a supply of these available, so as to avoid you being pulled up at security for having potentially offensive weapons.



Submission of abstracts for talks and posters


Please submit abstracts for talks and poster, as Word files by email to me, David Cove, no later than August 31. .

I will format them to a uniform style and get back to you if I have problems. Ideally I would  like them in 12 point Times New Roman, formatted for American Letter (sorry for that, but it’s 216mm x 279mm).  If it comes as A4, I’ll reformat it.  Please, no abstract longer than a page, and include graphics, only if essential.


Arrange you abstracts as follows:

Title; Author(s), underlining the presenting author; Address(es); E-mail address of presenting author; Abstract.

The Annual International Conference for Experimental Moss Research