Bio 334: Introduction to Cell Biology

Eukaryotic cell structure and function viewed from the perspective of modern cell biology. Lectures stress the control of the cell cycle, the role of membranes in such processes as secretion, transport, and hormone action, and the role of the cytoskeleton in coordinating cellular responsiveness. Prerequisite: Biol 2970; junior standing recommended. Large class. Credit 3 units.

 Biology/Earth & Planetary Science/Physics (BEP) 210: Epic of Evolution:    Life, Earth and the Cosmos

The evolution of the universe, the Earth, and life, woven together. Themes of complexity, scale, chaos and entropy applied to the Big Bang, origin of matter, formation of the Earth, geological history, origin of life and evolution of species. The discussions are designed to deepen your scientific understanding as well as to explore the implications of the scientific epic upon philosophy, religion, literature, history, art, and ethics. Credit 3 units.