Welcome to Jonathan Myers’ Lab


     We study mechanisms that shape the assembly, diversity, and dynamics of ecological communities across scales. Our group is especially intrigued by patterns of biodiversity across spatial and temporal scales, and all of the biotic, environmental, and spatial processes that create variation in community composition and diversity within and across biogeographic regions. To disentangle the relative importance of multi-scale mechanisms, we combine field experiments, large-scale and long-term observational studies, and modeling in plant communities spanning temperate and tropical ecosystems. Current research themes include biodiversity and community assembly across ecological and biogeographic gradients, environmental change and long-term community dynamics, and the ecological consequences of plant functional diversity across scales.

Jonathan A. Myers, Department of Biology, Washington University in St. Louis

One Brookings Drive, St. Louis, MO 63130 USA

e-mail: jamyers[at]wustl.edu; phone: +1 314-935-3167; fax: +1 314-935-4432

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