Study Aids


Sample Brain Bee Questions:

  Some mnemonics to help with the brain structures:

  An actual picture of the midbrain (hard for me to visualize)

  Sympathetic vs. Parasympathetic:

-- "the sympathetic nervous system is a 'quick response mobilising system' and the parasympathetic is a 'more slowly activated dampening system"

  Neural migration

  Neural tube formation:

  An audio version of the older Brain Facts edition:

  The basal ganglia and ventricles can be visualized a lot better with the application- especially with understanding structures that get confused (fornix and basal ganglia).  

  A fun and informative way to learn. Watch some of the lectures from Robert Sapolsky's human behavior course, like this one on Schizophrenia: (the schizophrenia part starts at 23:45). There's s a lot of information, even in the relevant lectures, that is not necessary for the Brain Bee, but it's possible other students might find his lectures interesting.  
  The final tip I have for the Brain Bee students is to read and study the glossary -- there's a lot of stuff there that's not mentioned anywhere else in the Brain Facts book. Also, it's a great review.