About the Brain Bee

  The St. Louis Area Brain Bee (SLABB) is a competition for high school students that tests knowledge in neuroscience. Questions come from Brain Facts, a book produced by the Society for Neuroscience. The winner and their chaperone will be sent to the US national Brain Bee.
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  Why Participate?  
  Students who participate in the Brain Bee will enjoy hands-on brain activities, meet teenagers from other schools and learn more about the science of the brain. The SLABB competition is a great opportunity for students to read cutting-edge science materials and win prizes, research internships, and trips to other Brain Bee competitions.  
  Who can Participate?  
  Any high school/home student from grades 9 to 12 is eligible to compete in the St. Louis Area Brain Bee. We encourage family, friends, teachers and other classmates to support participants and join them in the competition.
  When and Where?  
  Saturday Feb 16, 2019
Rebstock, Room 215
Washington University Danforth Campus
#102 on this map.

You can park in the Washington University lots off of Forsyth Boulevard. For example, on this map, you can enter parking lots from Hoyt Drive, Houston Way or Tolman Way, with the lots near Tolman Way being closest to Rebstock Hall where the Brain Bee competition will be held.

Prepare! Students can come to fun and informative "Tutorial Sessions" for the Brain Bee at the Taylor Center from 9:30am-11:00pm on Jan 26, Feb 2 and Feb 9. Each session covers different chapters from the readings in Brain Facts used in the Brain Bee competition.

New Page: Study Aids for St. Louis Area Brain Bee Participants.
In addition to our Saturday tutorials and the Brain Facts reading, these study aids that have been helpful for previous Brain Bee participants.
  The 2019 Brain Bee Flyer  
  The 2019 Schedule of Events